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Remember the opening sequence of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” with Indiana Jones about to grab the golden Inca statue? Enter my “anti-Indiana Jones” loosely based on a mixture of Arthur Suydam’s comic character Cholly or “The Adventures of Cholly and Flytrap” and the movie “Rocketeer”.

Of course being a typical silly character of mine, Manfred von Högenbüsem (My working name for this twit) is in deep trouble, and I don’t think his trusty gun – fondly called Lucille – will get him out of this sticky situation.

Technical aspects: In Poser, DAZ3D’s Michael 2.0 was used to create the Manfred, and DAZ3D’s Gorilla joined him in the scene. Manfred’s helmet and goggles were created with Rhino3D. He was clothed with various items including a dressshirt and trenchcoat from DAZ3D. The gun was a Poser 8″ Python handgun from Questor. The Toltec head and its base were modelled with a simple cylinder in Amorphium 1.0 using the Height Map function to create the head’s features.

The figures were imported into Bryce 5.01 and a total black world with no sun and heavy haze were used. The figures were put into a tapered hollow cone which was then lit by a single volumetric parallel light and 3 very weak radial lights with a small ranged falloff to prevent their light spilling into the surrounding areas.

The final render was then brought into Corel Photopaint 10 and the gorilla made a bit more hairy and a slight contrast and selective blurring and sharpening applied to achieve the desired effect.

I have begun to toy with a plan to get Crystal Steele and Manfred teamed up in an image – just for fun!