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“Rising out of the surrounding sea of dunes like the battered prow of a ocean faring ship, the s’Amvha Sanazas – the “Divider of the Ways” stood like a bastion guarding entrance to the plateaulands beyond. In the fresh hours before Wesdraken’s suns arose, Malena had led Braedan up a precarious path carved out of the sand-blasted basalt to the summit of the outcrop from where they could watch the growing dawn over the dunes. Braedan immediately sensed the aura of the place and its profound effect on Malena. Carved in the rock behind them were two niches each bearing a single dessicated and aged skull. Malena bowed her head in silence for a long moment as Braedan gazed on over the dawn-touched dunes. Far below their perch the battered and sand-corroded wreck of a small space freighter peeked from the spine of a large dune…”