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Forest reflections

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A scene of pure imagination. Late afternoon in an autumn forest, where the sky and the trees are frozen in the reflection of a dark pool of water.

I do not have the luxury of the “Tree Lab” of Bryce 5, so the trees were created in XFrog 3.5 and imported into Bryce 4.0. The ground consists of at least 7 terrains and the autumn leaf piles were created with 60-odd flattened spheres and small terrains with scanned images of autumn oak leaves mapped onto them. Positioning the camera and lighting the sky took a long time to get the best possible reflection in the pool. The pool is the center of the composition – almost a world within a world.

I drew a lot of inspiration from the minimalist Japanese woodcuts of the later 19th century whose unusual compositions and juxapositioning of image elements is quite unique to the Japanese culture, which I greatly admire.