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Lost at sea

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At the Bryce Forum there was a light-hearted competition held called the “One Hour Bryce Challenge”. The challenge was to create a image using only Bryce and to complete it in one hour (excluding the final rendering of course) “Lost at Sea” was my attempt.

The project from start to finish took me 53 minutes. (the final render took 24 minutes) The rubber duck was created using 3 symmetrical lattices. The ocean was created with a 1024 resolution terrain using the “Multifractal Ridges” terrain generator. The sky was a standard Bryce preset with a few tweaks and the water texture was a water texture preset I created a while back. I tweaked the transparency settings and used the Deep Texture Editor to get the streaking on the water surface a little less obvious. A single round parallel light was used to light the duck.

My inspiration was merely a whim. I just got to thinking about the imposition of contrasting elements – the wild sea and a child’s bath toy – and flung them together to create a disturbing visual conflict. I found myself asking the question: “What is a child’s rubber duck doing in the middle of a stormy ocean?”.