Bite the bullet

“Manfred’s oversized revolver cracked and it’s deafening sound was wiped out in the louder detonation of its bullet in the saurian flesh, but the Tyrannosaurus continued its charge, the very personification of white-hot fury.

Crystal fired her pistol at the same split moment as Manfred’s second shot, the dual explosions echoing down the torch-lit labyrinth. The monster roared in pain as the projectiles hit home…”


Technical aspects: Another character, Crystal Steele, that I created for “Imhotep meets his match” and “Partners” teams up with Manfred von Högenbüsem of “Graverobber” in a scene straight of a “B-grade” movie.

DAZ3D’s Stephanie and Michael 2.0 were used with extensive morphs and magnets. Debra Ross’s Tyrannosaurus Rex is behind the shadow on the wall. The 3 figures were posed in Poser 4.01 (and nearly brought my PC to a standstill!) and exported to Bryce 5 in Wavefront .OBJ format. 6 terrains using height bitmaps were used to create the tunnel and with the Sun switched off in Bryce a number of square and round spotlights were used to light the scene to look like a pulp fiction cover illustration. (I think a little influence of the work of Joe Chiodo crept in here!) The muzzle flashes were Bryce 5 symmetrical lattices with a volumetric flame material applied.

Most of the time was taken with the placement of the lights. Corel Photopaint 10 was used to fix a few glitches in the final render mainly on Crystal’s hair and Manfred’s mustache. A slight Gamma and Tonal Intensity was applied to the image to finish off.

The title is just a silly play on words – don’t read anything into it!

Worlds in the Making