Journeys into Middle-Earth

Competing with such Tolkien master artists as Alan Lee, John Howe and Ted Nasmith is no easy task. These men have defined the line between the mediocre and the masterful, turning their inner visions conjured up by the works of JRR Tolkien – author of the 20th century – into brilliant works of art…

I cannot hope to better these masters but I would like to at least put my personal interpretations into the digital medium. Thus I have placed my collection of “Journeys into Middle-Earth” on this website for your enjoyment.

Peter Jackson’s movie versions of the book “Lord of the Rings” are his own interpretations and had to make the difficult translation into the movie medium. The process must have been certainly painful insofar as important scenes and characters had to be left out, the story line had to be adapted for the big screen, and other aspects brought in to aid the story for the uninitiated.

Peter Jackson deserved the knighthood granted to him  for what he did, in my opinion!

What follows are some of my favorite scenes from the total works of JRR Tolkien. “The Hobbit”, The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and “The Silmarillion”. I have tried to follow the spirit of Tolkien’s writings but they are, in the end, my interpretations and vision. They are in order – as I created them – and not as they feature in the timeline of “Middle-Earth”.

Worlds in the Making