Bitten by the gold bug

“Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. My task job is to make sure that every chapter of my stories makes sense to the one in front of it and make sense to the one after it…”

Paraphrased from Kevin Plank


Technical aspects: I suppose I had to start somewhere. I had just acquired a copy of a 3D program that I had seen for the Apple Macintosh and was now available for the PC – Metacreation’s Bryce. I did what every new 3D artist would have done with this program, and slapped a reflective texture on an object, created a terrain, found a default sky preset and rendered the thing, just to see what it looked like.

“Bitten by the Gold Bug” was the result. Nothing great about the image except the dubious distinction of being my very first picture created with Bryce. I think I will keep it around just to remind myself where I came from.(“…been there, done that, rendered the picture…”) The “antman” object was obtained from 3dCafe.

Worlds in the Making