Desert Rescue

“Most of the tracks had been obscured by the sandstorm, the b’Hak Shayti but Malena’s keen eye was quick to spot the vestiges that led to the narrow rift between the sandblasted rocks. She was cautious as ever. The blood spots told her that the person that she was tracking was wounded and by now would be weak from dehydration and blood loss. Wesdraken could kill an unprotected human in a few hours, and she knew that there wasn’t much time…

…Deep in the niche he lay curled up, embryo-like. She moved closer, yet he remained motionless, deathlike…”


Technical aspects: This was my first serious attempt at using Bryce and Poser – and after a lot of attempts and failures, my “breakthrough” artwork.

Both figures were created with Poser 3 and then imported into Bryce 4. (Ashra Malena’s bump maps and textures took over 3 months to complete!) Extras like her rifle, suit collar, and loin cloth created with the sPatch modeller. The wind-eroded sandstone rocks were created using Corel Photopaint bitmaps imported into symmetrical lattices in Bryce 4.

Minor post-production effects by Corel PhotoPaint 8.

(The 1981 sketch that I used as a basis for this picture is available on the “Annals of Malena” Gallery Page.)

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