Father’s gone

“Set in medieval times, a young nubile girl opens the door to her lowly cottage to the knock of her suitor. It is safe for him to enter, now her father has gone. She is eager for her suitor’s touch, unaware of the intoxicating effect her body and budding sexuality has on him…”


Technical aspects: In Poser I used DAZ3D’s Victoria 2 was morphed extensively. The “Barbarian” full body morph was used as a foundation. Her hair is “Vicky’s Changing Ponytail” by Anton Kiesel and her clothing was a morphed and trans-mapped DAZ3D’s Period dress with my own hand-painted textures. Her body and head texture is the high-quality “Goddess” texture also from DAZ3D. George279’s Cottage and Fireplace provided the doorway and hearth to finish off the scene

All elements were imported into Bryce 5 and a totally black sky preset was used with a number of spotlights carefully placed. The radial light in front of the hearth uses a caustic gel to create the flickering firelight. Finally the “Aetherize” plugin from Flaming Pear was used to soften the image and add a warm glow in Corel PhotoPaint 10.

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