Imhotep meets his match

“I really don’t know what I wanted to say with this picture. It was great fun to do. I had created this interesting “retro” cybercop inspired from a scene in Ridley Scott’s “Bladerunner” I even found a very accurate Poser prop of the standard-issue Bladerunner weapon on the Internet for her to hold…”


Technical aspects: I had this great looking lady up against Spiderman (yeah, right!), the Incredible Hulk, Mafia gangsters, robots and aliens, but nothing worked! My wife came to the rescue and after seeing the “Return of the Mummy” movie on video we got to thinking about a scene in the first Mummy movie where Imhotep (the Mummy) encounters a cat and is terrified by it. (cats are the guardians of the Underworld in the ancient Egyptian religion)

So finally I had a concept and here is the result. The Mummy is not really frightened of the sexy cop but of the little cat behind her. (She hasn’t seen it, I don’t think!)

In Poser I used DAZ3D’s Stephanie to create the female figure, added the Skirt and Sweater clothing pack by Jim Burton. Her hair is the “WonderWedge” from DAZ3D. Morphs were created with my new toy – ExtremeMorph 3D.

Imhotep was – believe it or not – originally Michael – heavily morphed again by ExtremeMorph 3D in places, and the bump map and texture created with a demo version of DeepPaint 3D downloaded especially for this task. The cat is free Cat-O-Nine-Lives, also morphed with ExtremeMorph 3D.

The large cat statue, pedestal and Egyptian-style columns were created with Rhino3D from photos taken by my wife when she toured Egypt and visited the Cairo Museum.

All elements were brought into Bryce 4 and numerous spotlights and small radial lights used to light the scene. Texture and render artifact clean up was done with Corel PhotoPaint 10 and a slight sharpening filter applied. The wrappings of the mummy were also “roughened up” afterwards.

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