Over Hill & Under Hill

“Being related to both the Tooks and the Baggins, two kins of fundamentally opposite mentalities, with the Tooks being more fond of adventures and wandering, and the Baggins not at all, Bilbo at times recognized two sides within himself, his “Took side” and “Baggins side”. He secretly relished having adventures, but still wanted to remain settled and would be afraid in face of a real prospect of adventure.”


This image was done in Vue 8! When Bryce does vegetation like Vue does, then I am sure I will drop Vue just like that. Vue is a horribly expensive product with a frightening learning curve but oh-so-nice tools!

But I do miss Bryce a lot, but lack the demi-god understanding of Bryce 7 that David Brinnen has, to be able to use it properly!

It was my wife’s suggestion that I change the frame of the image to that of a circle, reminiscent of the love of hobbits for round doors.

Worlds in the Making