While “The old hanging tree” was rendering (at 146 hours an image) on my server at work, I decided to pay another visit to Crystal Steele from “Imhotep meets his match” and to pop her into another picture, this time without the Mummy – and looking very sexy!


Technical aspects: In Poser I used DAZ3D’s Stephanie to create the female figure, added the Skirt and Sweater clothing pack by Jim Burton. Her hair is the “WonderWedge” from DAZ3D. Morphs were created with ExtremeMorph 3D.

The spiral staircase was downloaded from 3D Cafe and the cat is the free Cat-O-Nine-Lives, also morphed with ExtremeMorph 3D. The floor was a bump mapped bitmap image from T3: Toob’s Tiled Textures.

All elements were brought into Bryce 4 and lit with a single volumetric spotlights and a small radial light.

Worlds in the Making