S-Doradus Centaur

The text on the sketch reads: “S-Doradus male brave. Typical of universal CC centaur species. Peaceful unless advanced territorial instinct is aroused. Centaur ideally suited to damp swamp conditions of entire S-Doradus planet. Nutrient-bearing atmosphere is inhaled through double “gill” slits on either side of creature’s “neck”. Keen sense of smell and sight and creature is capable of high speeds and is an agile jumper.”


Technical aspects: A ballpoint pen and watercolor sketch of an imaginary creature that I created for a failed production design for a movie based on AE van Vogt’s book “Mission to the Stars”. With today’s CG animation this would have been easily created, but in 1983 there was no such technology available so either stop motion or a servo-controlled body suit would have been used. Very expensive!

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