Sekhmet – The Eye of Ra

“The Eye of Ra: The destruction of Mankind:

“There came a time when the men of the World thought that Ra was getting too old and feeble to lead them and they plotted to overthrow Him. Ra learned of this plot, and grew angry with humans. In this anger He sent out His Eye, Hathor, who turned into a Raging Lioness, known as Sekhmet, to destroy the usurpers.

However, the Lioness’s rage became a blood frenzy, and soon She was destroying all of mankind. Ra felt sorry for the humans and tried to stop the raging Goddess, but her fury was too great, and Ra could not stop her.

Ra sent out lesser gods and demons to stop her, but in Her fury She destroyed Them as well. Finally, Ra called upon the other gods to stop Her, and Thoth devised a plan. He had several thousand jars of beer brewed, which were then dyed the colour of blood with red ochre. This lakeful of bear was placed in her path, and when Sekhmet came upon it, She drank it down, thinking it was blood. After drinking the beer, She grew tired and went to sleep.

When She awoke, Sekhmet realised what She had done, and felt humiliated and shamed by the trickery and fled from Egypt. With the Eye of Ra gone, Ra found His powers depleted.

It was placed on Onuris and Dehuty to find Sekhment and bring Her back to Egypt and it was Dehuty, with His mastery of words and wit, who managed to convince the dangerous Goddess to return to Egypt.

Sekhmet retuned to Egypt, transformed into the gentle Hathor, and there was much joy for the Eye of Ra had returned…”

From the “Courtyard of PerSekhmet”


Technical aspects: In Poser I used DAZ3D’s Stephanie to create the female figure. The face, breast and hip morphs was created using ExtremeMorph 3D. Her wig, lion cloth, bangles and necklace were from Anton’s “Rulers of Egypt” and the statue pedestal was from the “Treasures of Egypt” package from DAZ3D. The flight of stairs was modeled in Rhino3D 3.0 Beta and the reeds in the background were modeled using Bantam3D’s Twig. The lioness statue was created using the a heavily morphed Poser 4 Lion.

All elements were imported into Bryce 5 and using procedural materials mostly, two separate renders were created. These two renders were then composited to create the blood effect on the statue and in the water. The “Melancholytron” plugin from Flaming Pear was used to create the antique look and to add glow to the skin.

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