Spoken for (Page 2)

“Ironic?…Perhaps, but that wall that hurts you, wounds me too.

The anger and hurt your show reveals only misunderstanding.

The mask I wear hides fear behind its remoteness,

but its the fear you see, isn’t it? And its the fear you hate!

See a universe that’s yours – yours to create and destroy at will.

See the people, the creatures of that universe.

You know what they feel, for you are one flesh!

Utopia… Do you see?

I belong to that universe, possessed and seduced by the reality,

but bound eternally in limbo, denizen of neither this world nor my own…

An End…


Technical aspects: This cartoon is the most personal and intense work that I have ever done. Created as a “farewell letter” to a partner in a broken romantic partnership, I teetered on the brink of suicide through most of its creation. (I even signed myself as “Incubus” on the piece) Life and the emotional trauma that I was going through was to intense for me to handle and it seemed nobody on this Earth understood what was going on inside of me. When I finished it at last, I felt strangely relieved as if release had come through putting pen to paper. I remember that time with both fear and wonder. (Page 2)

Worlds in the Making