Their dangerous Eden (1983)

“At first Poyly did not answer, She knew the way in the forest, and in Nomansland. Things looked after themselves not after others. Dimly she guesses that the real purpose of the morel was to feed on others and to propagate itself as widely as possible, and that to this end it might be clever enough to kill its hosts as slowly as possible…

Reluctantly she lay back in his arms nestling against him. They kissed and stretched and began to think of other things, already completely accustomed to the crown of fungus on their heads…

She led him round a tall tree. A wall of smoke drifted gently inland where flame had bitten a path back to the banyan. Hand in hand, they walked together towards that way out of Nomansland, their dangerous Eden…”

From “Hothouse” by Brian Aldiss © 1962


The second in a number of watercolour illustrations for the Brian Aldiss science fiction novel “Hothouse”

Worlds in the Making