Where are your accusers?

“A challenge was issued to me by my wife, an accomplished artist to produce more art using the computer that was not inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien. She suggested a Biblical theme. What followed was a series I called “Word Pictures” – the Word referring to both the Bible and to Christ Jesus Himself.”


This is the 3rd image in my series of images with a Biblical theme. This time a more intimate biblical scene from the Gospel of John where a woman – caught in adultery – was brought to Jesus.

It was created using the M4 and the V4 figures in Poser Pro 2012. The clothing was created using Marvelous Designer 2 and Hexagon 2.5. It was imported into Vue 9 where a scene was created with a pavement and rocks. Lighting proved the most difficult as each tweak and test render had to run overnight! When I finally got it right after a computer OS rebuild and almost 5 months of work, Photoshop CS6 was used to add a bit of dirt and grunge, and then a bit of tweaking with enriching of the colours and a contrast adjustment, and then the title was added

Worlds in the Making